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Victor JEMAN

I love web development! I know my way around it, some glue here, some duct tape there, and you have a web page. I also love sharing my knowledge; I'm not yet particularly good at it, but it brings me joy, and I want to pursue this. At the moment, I'm working at ASSIST Software, a friendly and caring working place.

P.S. I also love video games, except DOOM, the Marauder ruined it for me.

Victor JEMAN

It's over 9000 ...

It's over 9000 ...

Victor's power level is over 900

At my core, I'm a front-end developer. I started 10 years ago as a freelancer by stitching together static websites, then I got a full time job and started working with all kinds of fancy libraries and frameworks. I can't say that I know any of them at the master level, but I'm quite flexible at this point and can easily catch on with new things.

At the moment I could say I’m still working with static websites, though the technologies and the whole process behind them are different and so extraordinary. It's interesting how some things stay classy and powerful through time.

I'm trying to be open-minded and optimistic about challenges. For a project, I've even done automated tests with webdriver.io and created a container for those tests after learning the basics in a couple of days. I had to? Not really, but it was nice that I can help.

P.S. Initially, the docker setup was somewhat embarrassing to look at, but it's working alright now.

What I'm up to?

I want to help you!

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to grow and improve.

Interesting ideas must be shared and enjoyed together.

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