Ahoy, you beautiful reader!

9 March 2021

3 min read


Ahoy, you beautiful reader!

Hi there!

Welcome to my “hello world” post, hate it, love it, do what you feel, do what makes you happy.

I’m Jeman, Victor Jeman. I was born in Moldova (practically mother Russia) and raised by Romania’s wolves. I’ve moved to Romania when I was 15; it was a fun process. My superpowers are laziness and daydreaming. I’m writing this while drinking a glass of wine called “Castel Huniade,” you should try it.

I’m actively fighting one of my superpowers by writing this article, yes, laziness. Being lazy is good in small doses; I hear smart people are usually lazy, so that goes well for me. Still, when laziness it’s crawling all over you, it’s a sign that you should move your ass and do something, something creative if possible. This website is my attempt to do something creative.

So what's this all about, you will say?

I’m glad you asked! I want that feeling, that feeling that you have when you help others. The feeling you get when you are a part of something bigger than yourself. I want to be useful to you!

How I can help you

How exactly will I be useful?

In my daily work, I’m a programmer and a team leader. I’m surrounded by excellent programmers and very cool people, which means I have an infinite source of inspiration. I will write, call them programming stories, and hopefully, you can learn something from them.

Besides stories, I will provide some cool homework ideas. Yes, you heard me right, homework. Think of this as your laboratory where you get the chance to work towards a specific goal. I will provide the requirements, a cool design, tips, and useful links from where you can learn. All you have to do is get your hands dirty by writing some code and be proud of your accomplishments.

Stick around, see how this venture goes. I will enable some kind of comments so you can point fingers at me if I fuck this up and don’t add anything new. Maybe I should create a couple of posts in advance, just to be sure.

Stay safe, and do more of what makes you happy!